St. Theresa of Avila
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Mass Schedule:
Tuesday- 8:30 am
Friday-8:30 am

Saturday, 6:00 pm at St. Mary
(January thru June)
6:00 pm at St. Theresa (July thru December)

Sunday, 8:30 am at St. Mary
10:30 am at St. Theresa

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Our Mission Statement:

We are the community of St. Theresa, founded in 1818 within Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville.
We are a community of strong faith. We strive to make God the center of our lives and Jesus Christ our model for daily living.
As a family, in conjuction with St. Mary Magdalen of Pazzi we will work together to create a place of caring and peace where all are welcome and all can depend on us for assistance in their need.

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